Back in 1984, a young man named John Fay had a few dollars in his pocket, an entrepreneur’s work ethic, and some great relationships built up from his lacrosse playing and coaching days.  From that mix Atlantic Sportswear was born.  Originally focusing on small jobs for the local community, Atlantic Sportswear now services customers and partners across the US and around the World.  How does the company continue to thrive and grow in such a competitive market all these years?   A simple company philosophy, mantra and goal that are all aligned:


This mantra is more than words on letter head or business cards.  These words come to life every day in the actions and interactions of our Atlantic Sportswear team.  In every position at Atlantic Sportswear is a focused professional.  Throughout the company from the customer service team, graphic artists, procurement group, accounting team, quality control experts and production team, the focus on improvement never stops.  And every day the team works tirelessly to make your experience beneficial, profitable, and of course…EASY.

Partnerships have been crafted with many of the top brands in the sportswear market: Under Armour, Nike, Champion, and more.  The advantages from these relationships with these brands result in tons of advantages and exclusive programs to the benefit of the Atlantic Sportswear customer.  These same high standards can be found in the products we create ourselves with value and ease in mind.  The many great brands and products, along with several methods of ordering including online webstores allow options to fit every need and demand.

The commitment is REAL. The focus UNWAVERING.

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